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Our SAYER™ platform integrates computational design, rapid synthesis, and first-principles characterization of polymer nanoparticles.

We employ an engineering approach to polymer nanoparticle discovery that optimizes for short cycle time, robust data generation, and effective inference from biological to chemical data.

With our extensive training data, we can engineer polymer nanoparticles computationally designed for high tissue specificity and expression, with minimal toxicity and immunogenicity.

Our platform

Synthesize, Complex, Characterize

We use high-throughput synthesis automation across a vast polymer design space to generate families of chemically diverse polymers. Complexation of these harnessed polymers with varied nucleic acid cargos yields PNPs designed for targeted gene delivery. Our proprietary first-principle assays result in meticulous characterization of these PNPs, ensuring unparalleled chemical inference and specificity.

High-Throughput In Vitro 

SAYER employs target-relevant cells to meticulously screen for expression, endosomal escape, and toxicity – all within a high-throughput framework. Our platform’s comprehensive analysis capabilities generate terabytes of imaging data. And our advanced algorithms are engineered to automatically analyze and ingest captured images, streamlining data processing and interpretation. SAYER revolutionizes the in vitro workflow.

Multiplexing In Vivo

Our in vivo workflow features a groundbreaking in vivo multiplexing component, introducing an innovative approach that maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the cost of research. With SAYER, we’re equipped to assay a diverse array of PNPs, thoroughly evaluating their biodistribution, tropism, and cell specificity in vivo.

AI Polymer Design

We’ve harnessed the power of AI to develop high-accuracy predictions, mapping how chemical features of PNPs drive interaction with specific cells or tissue types of interest. This precision ensures maximum gene expression with minimal toxicity, extending the boundaries of gene delivery. Our AI capabilities are bolstered by next-generation data pipeline infrastructure, which integrates seamlessly with our experimental design process. This interface between AI and experimental data further enhances the reliability of SAYER’s predictions. Our platform accelerates the pace of innovation and sets a new standard in the development of targeted gene therapies.

The SAYER advantage

Resorbable and safe

Nanite is pioneering the future of drug delivery with our safe and resorbable PNPs. Our meticulously engineered nanoparticles ensure efficient therapeutic delivery without extended accumulation, prioritizing patient safety. Additionally, our non-viral polymeric approach, utilizing biological compatible components, significantly reduces immune responses and thus enables repeat dosing with transient genetic payloads.

Tunable and modular design

PNPs deliver a scalable and tunable platform for the delivery of genetic cargoes. Our high-throughput synthesis capabilities, proprietary assays and computational insights allow rapid prototyping and the ability to develop critical biological insights at speed. The modular nature of polymeric systems offers us an unprecedented ability to rapidly tune our PNPs for specific delivery demands.

Scalable Manufacturing

Polymer nanoparticles offer the potential for rapid scalability and speed to clinical trials. The vast array of easily accessible polymer components, limited synthetic steps, and rigorous analytical protocols give us confidence in our ability to meet aggressive cost of good considerations for our polymers. Unlike other delivery systems that require complex formulation equipment, we can produce our polymer nanoparticles at scale using simple efficient methods and with excellent particle size control and stability.

Engineered for stability

Our partners require confidence in our delivery solutions. As access to gene therapies expand, resilience of the drug product constructs across a wide variety of environmental, storage and transport conditions is critical to successful deployment of new therapies. Our polymer nanoparticles are designed with superior thermal and chemical stability, ensuring integrity under demanding shelf life considerations.

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