Gene Therapy - the next frontier in medicine

Our mission is to solve the biggest hurdle to gene therapy - delivery

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What we do:

Our mission is to harness the power of AI for non-viral gene delivery

Programmable, targeted, and safe polymer nanoparticles (PNPs) for a broad range of modalities and indications.

Innovate by design. Do great science. Be curious and courageous. Embrace change. Better humanity.

These are the values of our team of world-class scientists, engineers, and computational experts share as we strive to realize our vision: to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in gene delivery.

Effective gene delivery is essential for therapeutic break-throughs. Powered by our AI-driven platform - SAYER - we're building the next generation of non-viral delivery vehicles for a new wave of genetic medicines.

Who we are:

Founding Team

Biotech founders and innovators at the interface of materials science and engineering, biology, and computation

Sean Kevlahan

Co-founder and CEO

Sean Kevlahan, with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, is a seasoned product-driven entrepreneur. He co-founded and leads Nanite after propelling Quad Technologies from inception to a lucrative acquisition by Bio-Techne in 2018. His leadership of Bio-Techne's cell and gene therapy division through 2021 exemplifies his drive to transform biotech innovations into real solutions. Sean is compelled to solve complex ‘last mile’ challenges for cell and gene therapy.

Shashi Murthy

Co-founder and CTO

Shashi Murthy, with a PhD in polymer science from MIT, is a recovering academic and co-founder of Quad Technologies. He also founded Flaskworks, where he pioneered complex high-throughput screening and biotech automation workflows. His work bridges engineering and biotechnology and led to the acquisition of Quad (Bio-Techne) and Flaskworks (Northwest Bio). Shashi is committed to shaping the future of industrial biotech innovation.

Thomas Neenan

Co-founder and CBO

Thomas Neenan, with a PhD in the chemistry of materials, has spent his career exploring the boundaries between materials science and biology, generally in an entrepreneurial setting. Recent adventures include co-founding Panbela Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PBLA) and AbFero Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pharmacosmos). Thomas is convinced of the potential of materials science to solve some of the most difficult questions in genetic medicine.

Felipe Oviedo

Head of ML / AI

Felipe Oviedo, PhD, is an MIT-educated scientist working at the interface of materials science and artificial intelligence. Previously, while at Microsoft and CERN, he worked on AI applied to scientific and engineering problems. Throughout his career, Felipe has been at the forefront of the fusion of machine learning with materials science and biology, leading to novel insights in computation-driven therapeutics design.

Jared Van Reet

Senior Research Associate

Teresa Tamayo

ML Scientist

John Fisher

Senior Scientist

Shannon Peterson


Jeff Ting

Senior Scientist

Suteja Patil

ML Engineer

Aldo Nascimento

Principal Scientist

Rakshitha Miskin


Nate Snell


Sue Connolly

HR Manager


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